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I'm happy you're here.

Let's get personal

I began my career 7 years ago in medical program management at UCLA. Over time, I found myself craving a more creative environment, especially one that aligned with my visual arts background. So, I took a leap into project management within a digital marketing agency.


I've since overseen production design for Apple ad campaigns, and more recently, led web projects for Nissan and INFINITI, where I had the opportunity to run large-scale projects and immerse myself in the fascinating realm of UX. I quickly learned that it wasn't enough for me to oversee projects; I wanted to dive in and create solutions too.

My passion for UX is fueled by a deep belief that technology should elevate our daily experiences to make life a little easier. Even more, I find immense joy in creative problem-solving. I love to tinker with ideas, always envisioning how things can be improved and dreaming up solutions that not only function well, but also bring a smile to those who use them.

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